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Our tropical hardwood plywood panels are produced in accordance with international recognized standards from IHPA, JPIC, and ISO.

Hardwood plywood may be ordered in a variety of face/core veneer, sizes, lamination surfaces, and grade. All feature strength, durability and good finishing characteristic.

Species: Lauan, Meranti, Jelutong, Keruing, Kapur, Mersawa, ..etc
Grades: BB/CC, Overlay & better, Utility, B2, B3
Size & thickness: Many, cut-to-size available
Glue line: Urea, melamine, phenol FC (0), FC(1), FC(2)
Sub-Cat: Marine, Formply, Bending ply, Blockboard, Laminated board, LVL, container flooring


The smooth and stable surfaces of MDF provide an excellent substrate for painting or the application of decorative lamination or wood veneers.

The inherent stability, good machinability and high strength of MDF, creates opportunities for it to be used as an alternative to solid wood.
Our MDF is known for its excellent fiber quality and controlled density profile, which results in superior machining and finishing characteristics for our customers.
Species: Radiata Pine and rubberwood
Grades: 1st Grade
Size & thickness: Many, cut-to-size available
Glue: E(0), E(1), E(2)
Type: Standard, Melamine, And High Moisture Resistance


Our particleboard is a high density, strongly bonded board made of large wood particles in the core and finer particles on the surface. Particleboard is a very versatile and economical panel that makes an ideal substrate for laminating and veneering
Species: Mixed light hardwood
Grade: 1st Grade
Glue: E(0), E(1), E(2)
Size & thickness: Many, cut-to-size available
Type: Standard, Melamine, And High Moisture Resistance


Our insulation board is a versatile product for thermal and acoustical applications such as: heating and air-conditioning ducts, power and process equipment, boiler and stack installations, metal and masonry walls, wall and roof panel systems, curtain wall assemblies, and cavity walls.

Species: Brazilian wood species
Grade: 1st Grade
Size & thickness: 5.5mm to 25mm in 4’ x 8’, other sizes available.
Type: raw board or ivory coating.


We offer a variety of tropical hardwood timber for use in furniture components, mouldings, truck flooring, and pallet making.
Species: Acacia, rubberwood, ramin, nyatoh, teak…etc.
Grade: Various
Sizes: Many
Type: Finger joint, FJ laminated board, AD, KD, S4S, S2S


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